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Skyfall Proves that James Bond is a Time Lord

Posted on Friday, November 23, 2012 in Doctor Who

Again, just leaving this here. Thanks Eric. Skyfall Proves that James Bond is a Time Lord |

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  1. Lucas Garrett says:

    My Back To The Future/Doctor Who/Indiana Jones/James Bond crossover theory:

    The Time Lords are the descendants of a secret society of Earth-based time travelers led by Doctor Emmitt Lanthrop Brown and his wife, the former Clara Clayton. The Time Lords included The Time Traveler from H.G. Wells’s “The Time Machine,”( , and Dr. Moses Nebogipfel from H.G. Wells’s “The Chronic Argonauts.” (
    This group found Gallifrey in the distant past, and settled there with their families. Therefore, the first three Doctors of the original series of Doctor Who were the sons of this illustrious couple. The First Doctor was, in fact, the couple’s third child, Martin McFly Brown. The Second Doctor was their second child, Verne Brown. And the Third Doctor was their first child, Jules Brown, who I believe may have been the Jules Verne chronicled in the Hallmark television miniseries, “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.” From these three men, the future Doctors descend. What is commonly known as “regenerations” are, in fact, teleportations between Doctors. Long story short, when the time came for the Eleventh Doctor to arrive, he meets the time lost daughter of Rory Williams and the former Amelia Pond, Melody Pond, also known as River Song. She had Time Lord “DNA”, or an affinity to temporal teleportational energy, that she inherited from her paternal grandfather, Brian Williams, also known as The Master in hiding after The End of Time. In time, The Eleventh Doctor and River Song got married, and had children of their own. The first of whom is their son, Henry. He along with his younger twin brothers, Martin and Seamus, were hidden from enemies of their parents, and split up in 19th century Great Britain. Henry was placed with a middle aged childless couple known as the Jones in Scotland. He will later grow up to be a professor of Medieval Literature, Professor Henry Walton Jones, Sr. He and his wife had a son who would later become a professor of Archaeology, Professor Henry Walton Jones, Jr., also known as Indiana Jones. It is from this line that James Bond descends. James Bond is the product of a brief illicit affair between Henry Jones, Sr. and Mrs. Bond, the former Monique Delacroix, around Valentine’s Day 1920. This affair began when Jones came to Geneva, Switzerland to find artifacts concerning his hunt for the elusive Holy Grail. James Bond was born on November 11, 1920, nearly nine months after his parents’ rendezvous. In his blood, Bond also has Time Lord “DNA”. As far as Martin and Seamus goes, the twin brothers were placed in the care of another middle aged childless couple known as the McFlys in Ireland. The life path of the brothers was revealed by Seamus to his great great grandson, Martin “Marty” McFly in Back To The Future, Part III. Seamus’s twin brother, Martin, was killed in a brawl in a saloon in Virginia City, before the McFly family settled in Hill Valley, California. It is from Seamus’s line that Marty and his father, George, descend. George McFly is the spitting image of his ancestor, the Eleventh Doctor. This means that Marty McFly was traveling with his great grandfather (Doc Brown) from many generations, as well as being the namesake of the First Doctor. I know, “Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey!”

    Furthermore, Dr. Moses Nebogipfel/Doctor Omega acts as The Other in this version of the Time Lords. He is, in fact, Martin McFly Brown as a young man, and as an old man, helping his father, all the while keeping his identity secret from his father, The Time Traveler, and other members of the Time Lord Society. He is there to make sure that the colony does not fail. Just as Rassilion, Omega, and the Other were the founders of the Time Lords in the Doctor Who proper chronology, Doc Brown, The Time Traveler, and Dr. Nebogipfel/Omega are the founders of the Time Lord Society who colonize Gallifrey.

    Original Doctor Who Triumvirate: , , .

    BTTF/DW/IJ/JB Triumvirate: , , , .

    As far as the multiple James Bonds go, I have determined that the five Bonds are either the descendants of the Sean Connery James Bond coming through time to succeed him, or they are alternate universe versions of the Connery James Bond.

    We never see him “regenerate”.

    However, much like the Tom Baker Fourth Doctor, the Roger Moore Third Bond stayed much longer than his predecessors and successors.

  2. fae says:

    This is so awesome, Lucas. Thank you for sharing. <3

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