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Dec 3

New Minecraft Goods

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2011 in Games, Minecraft

The Minecraft official store at Jinx just got an oodle of new goodies that are sure to make any Minecraft junkie’s square heart swell with joy.

My favorites of the new haul aren’t t-shirts. The Minecraft Pickaxe Keychain is so perfect, I only wish it was a diamond pickaxe. It’s only $9.99 too, perfect price point.


The Diamond Pendant Necklace is so cute, but it looks a bit like a mushroom from Mario. I wish the charm were a bit smaller. But the cleverness factor is so high, I’m tempted to buy it just for that!


Hands down, my favorite is the belt. The Minecraft Ironsword Belt is the perfect understated fan merchandise. It’s just perfect. I really want this belt. A large, if anyone reads this… *hint* *hint*