Skyrim / Sope AU Idea

“What do you want, cat?” With a shake of his head and a downcast gaze, Min Yoongi moves away from the guard greeting him like he’s no better than the tomcat catching mice in the stables. He’s had nothing but trouble since he found himself in Skyrim, cast out from his traveling group after being found with the son of the trader he had been traveling with and left on the side of the road to go it alone. Even now that he’s someone they called the “Dragonborn”, he wonders how much longer they can keep their backward prejudices up. He’s heard it all since he got here, bandits saying they’re going to skin him for a rug, guards with nothing nice to say. He’d even been denied admittance to several smaller cities, apparently they do not trust Khajiit here, even half-Nord ones.  He’d never particularly liked knowing he was half-Nord, his father abandoned them when he was a baby and he didn;t like that he was different. There weren’t any other half-blood Khajiti kits, it was just him, the freak. His father was a Nord, and much to his displeasure growing up, Yoongi is more human-like than Khajiit. He has big Khajiit ears, and a sleek tail that helps him balance, His head is covered by thick dark hair but his face is bare with high cheekbones, a soft pink doll mouth and a cute button nose his mother always liked to swat at. His eyes are all Khajiit though, small, slanted and cat-like that glow slightly in the night. He is slim like most Khajiits but his torso and body are covered with only a light amount of hair. That’s what the other kits had teased him for the most, calling him bald and making fun of his pale white skin with no hair to keep the sands off him. Elsewyr is a desert land, and the kits love rolling in the sands, the fur over their bodies protecting them. He’d never fit in with the fullblood Khajiits, his appearance too human-like with human limitations, his senses not quite cat-like enough to play the games the other kits could. 

His mother had sent him out with a trading caravan so he could see more of the world. She knew nothing of Skyrim, and wanted him to explore that side of his identity. And so now here he is. Freezing his tail off in Skyrim, met with rude glares and sneering voices wherever he goes Bet they weren’t expecting him to be the Dragonborn, finding themselves with a new dragon problem he quickly got wrapped up in thanks to being in the wrong place at the right time. But yes, it had been him that absorbed the dragon soul after the fight at the Western watchtower, much to the dismay of the Whiterun guards who he’d been fighting alongside to bring the fire breathing dragon down.  Reeling, unsettled after the powerful dragon soul whipped its way into his very bones it seemed, he staggers to the side of the road to take stock of what happened. Then, it’s like the heavens crack open and a great voice rings out. Yoongi thinks that it’s just his bad luck to have all this happening to him. 

The Jarl tells Yoongi that the Greybeards have summoned him to High Hrothgar. He is to go there, climb the 7,000 steps to High Hrothgar tower and meet the Greybeards. Great, he thinks, opening the door to Dragonsreach, just what I need is more trouble with these Nords.  

 “I’d have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.. One had said, looking at him with wide eyes, soft hair falling in his face, making him seem younger than a guard should. Shaking his head, Yoongi figures he’s just another prejudiced guard and he sets off again, but his Khajiit ears tell him the guard is following him, several paces back. He picks up his pace, he needs to be alone, his thoughts are getting overwhelming. He hears the guard speak, “Hey! Wait up!” he’s hurrying along behind him, waving his arm a little. Yoongi turns, “Do you need something? I am not a skooma dealer, sorry kid.” The guard finally catches up to him and stops, a little out of breath. “What? No, I’m Hosek,” he says by way of greeting. Yoongi raises an eyebrow at him. “Yes?” The guard seems shaken, visibly takes a moment to gather his thoughts and then tries again. “I mean no, I don’t want skooma, I’m not like that. I can help, is what I mean. I know you’re probably not looking for someone to go with you but I can help. Do you know how to get to High Hrothgar?” He looks at Yoongi expectantly. “That’s what I thought.” He looks earnest enough, Yoongi thinks. He knows not to trust Nords but he has a point, he has no idea how to get to High Hrothgar and apparently that’s where he needs to go. The guard continues, “I have family there in Ivarstead, I can see you get there safely. It’s not an easy journey.” The guard, Hoseok is his name apparently, looks at Yoongi in such a way that it’s hard to say no. So he doesn’t. Shrugging, he tells him to keep up. And so, they set off without delay. The next day is spent traveling, mostly keeping to themselves. Yoongi knows enough about Nords not to trust them, and he’s not about to change his ways just because one cute Nord decides to help him. 

Sundown finds them setting up camp a little ways off the path, and Hoseok has gone to collect firewood because even on the 17th of Last Seed the night has enough of a chill in Skyrim that even Yoongi who has soft fur on his arms and legs feels the chill. He’s set out his bedroll, wondering what is taking so long when Yoongi hears a distant shout. Hoseok must have run into trouble. I thought he was going to be looking after me, Yoongi mutters to himself while rushing to where he heard his voice. Coming into a misty clearing, he spots a terrified Hoseok pinned down by the biggest spider he’d ever seen, eyes scrunched closed, screeching. With venom dripping down its fangs and dinner on its plate, the spider seems ready to strike. Hoseok is unable to move, looking death in its face. Yoongi picks up a rock and throws it with all his might at the spider, but it just pings off the side of its armored body, not doing anything to distract the spider who has found his dinner already thank you very much. Not thinking, only reacting, Yoongi leaps from a rock onto its back, driving his dagger into the top of its head. The spider goes lax, life draining from its body. Sliding off of it, Yoongi rushes to Hoseok. “Are you ok? Are you hurt?” Hoseok looks dazed, those wide eyes once again taking in Yoongi like he’s something amazing. “It – it came out of nowhere, I didn’t hear it or anything,” he stammers, his whole body shaking, “I’ve never seen one up close like that, i mean, not about to kill me” he trails off. “I’m a pretty horrible guard actually, spiders terrify me.” Looking defeated, Hoseok casts his gaze down. Yoongi realizes he should say something. “Eh, we don’t have spiders like that in Elsweyr either, they’re pretty horrible.”   He spots the abandoned pile of firewood. That looks like enough, let’s get back to camp so we can cook something. Offering his hand, he pulls Hoseok to his feet and sets off to collect the firewood. Hoseok looks after him, then shakes his head a bit and follows him back to camp sheepishly. He’d like to not make a fool out of himself again. Tomorrow will go better, he hopes.