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Aug 10

Wanted: Slouchy Hat. Apply Within

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 in Knitting

I absolutely need to cast on a hat. A slouchy hat of epic cuteness. Like today. Well maybe not today because it’s almost over. But tomorrow. It will be fall before we know it and I need a cute hat to wear. And hats supposedly don’t take forever to make. I’ve made three pairs of socks recently, I’m socked out. Time for a change. And a hat? That’s totally what’s up.

Aug 3

Knitting Update

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 in Knitting

So while I’ve been absent from my blog, I haven’t been sitting idly. I’ve been pretty damn busy on the knitting front. I have lots of pictures to share.

Noro Cowl

Noro Cowl

Cowl made with Noro

This cowl was an easy k2tog, YO project that I knit while subbing at the high school.

 – See it on Ravelry: Noro Cowl project page


Chevron Baby Blanket

Chevron Baby Blanket

Chevron Baby Blanket made with Vanna's Choice

Chevron baby blanket blogged about here previously, this blanket is for my friend Raegen who just had her baby Lula in July. It will be loved and cherished come winter, because this blanket came out beautiful and WARM. I was knitting it in 90 degree temperatures and it was a very hot project indeed. But, gorgeous.

 – See it on Ravelry: Chevron Baby Blanket project page.


Slanted Socks

Slanted Socks

Slanted Socks made with Claudia's Handpainted in Oceans Depths

Loved this pattern, so easy and beautiful. Loved the yarn. This project took me just under a month, which is the fastest I’ve ever knit socks. I love them. Can’t wait to wear them when it’s a bit cooler.

– See it on Ravelry: Slanted Socks project page.

Market Bag

Market Bag

Market Bag made with Peaches in Creme in Army Tan and Ecru

So I love this bag. It’s beautiful. It’s functional. It’s big. I hate that it took me months to finish the freaking thing. I hate when a knitting project stalls about just about more than anything. So what happened was that I ran out of the Army Tan colorway and needed to buy more. But when I went to buy more there wasn’t any of that colorway available anywhere. So I wrote to the company and was told that they have been sold to a company in Canada and were just trying to move their supply so production could start up in Canada. I was bummed. But ever resourceful I bought a cone of ecru cotton and finished it up with that. And actually I think it looks awesome with the ecru at the top like that. Never again will a project take me so long.

– See it on Ravelry: Market Bag project page.


What am I currently working on? A pair of socks for Mia because every time she saw me working on my Slanted socks she would ask me to knit her a pair. I’ve finished one and have turned the heel and am on the gusset decreases of the second. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.


So that’s it. See? I wasn’t doing nothing. I’ve been busy!

Apr 2

Baby Blanket

Posted on Saturday, April 2, 2011 in Knitting

Over Spring Break I cast on a baby blanket for my friend who is expecting her second baby in July. Sure, a baby blanket won’t be so useful in July but it will be well loved come the cold months of December and January. And I am getting started now because every time I see Raegen I am reminded that when your friend is having a baby and you are a knitter, you knit something for the baby! It’s just the law. And now she is showing and my motivation kicks into gear when I see her.

I am making a simple chevron patter but I am using a lot of really vibrant colors. It’s not a pink pastel baby blanket by any stretch of the imagination. This blanket will be super colorful and engaging for this baby. The colors are brown, burgundy, blue, green, yellow and cream.

I got off to a false start with this one. I had originally planned to hold two strands of yarn together but the fabric that was being knit was super thick so I ripped it out and started over with just a single strand of yarn. It looks much better and I’ve completed one full pattern repeat now. I think it will be super duper cute when it’s done. Of course I will post pictures to pimp my work when it is complete.

Mar 31

Knitting Update

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011 in Knitting

Doctor Who Sock

Doctor Who Sock

Time for a small update on my current knits and my progress with the LSG11ty quest for greatness. One Doctor Who sock is done, and the second sock is done to the heel flap. I stalled out for a week or so looking for my DPNs to start the heel flap. They weren’t in my DPN organizer and I knew I had used them recently to do the heel for the other sock but I couldn’t find them anywhere. They were on top of my dresser. So I started my heel flap today. For some reason the 2nd sock always goes more quickly for me.



I also cast on a baby blanket for my friend’s baby, due in three months. I am making a simple chevron pattern, easy to memorize, and using two strands of yarn held together and big needles. Hoping it will go quickly.

Other projects: Market bag is stalled, need more Peaches and Creme in the Army colorway to proceed further. Brandywine is dead in the water. I need to be able to concentrate to do lace knitting, and that’s very hard for me lately.

Knitting update, complete.

Mar 8

Matching Hats for BFFs

Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 in Knitting

BFFs should have matching hats, am I right or what? I know, they totally should. So, they are getting them. Roxie and Mia will have matching hats to wear when they play together on the playground. I am jazzed. Black and turquoise stripes with tassels on the ends. Roxie’s is almost finished, I just have to put the tassels on. I started Mia’s hat a few days ago and have already knit a few inches on it. I work 4 days next week, I should finish it then. The day they wear them both at the park, I will have to remember to take pictures. It will be a super cute sight to see because they are both cuties!

Mar 4

LSG11ty: The Quest for Greatness

Posted on Friday, March 4, 2011 in Knitting

LSGers have decided to strive for knitting greatness in the year 2011 and have challenged each other to knit eleven things. Even though I completed one lonely project last year, in a great illustration of my insanity and love of the, “ME TOO!” bandwagon jump, I immediately signed on for the LSG11ty challenge.


So, my plan of action.

  1. Doctor Who Socks – WIP – 50%
  2. Market Bag – WIP – 75%
  3. Roxie’s Hat – WIP – 95%
  4. Mia’s Hat – WIP – 30%
  5. Brandywine Shawl – WIP – 5%
  6. Cabled Sweater – Queued
  7. Slouch Hat – Pattern not yet chosen
  8. Fingerless Mitss – Pattern not yet chosen
  9. Ishbel Shawl – Queued
  10. Dark Mark Illusion Scarf – Queued
  11. Noro Cowl – FINISHED

This list may be insane, or it may be genius. Time will tell.

Dec 5

Just knit, already.

Posted on Sunday, December 5, 2010 in Knitting

KNIT! I need to just knit! Why is it so much easier to drink wine than knit?!

Nov 24

Lost: Knitting Mojo

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 in Knitting, Life

Ask me a question: Have I started my Giftmas knits? Nope. I fail. My knitting mojo has been tossed into the void. I have a lot of things I want to cast on for  but when it comes down to it, I don’t have the energy at the end of the day to actually follow through. Plus, I’ve got other things on my mind that make my thoughts scattered and hard to focus. One finds it nearly impossible to concentrate.

Nov 18


Posted on Thursday, November 18, 2010 in Spinning

I’d really like to return to my spinning experiments sometime. I have a whole alpaca fleece waiting to be processed and I have at least 4 braids of roving I could be spinning. Also, my broken spinning wheel is waiting to be fixed. I’ve made such little progress on the spinning front this year, I’m disappointed in myself.

Nov 9

Giftmas is looming around the corner

Posted on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 in Knitting

Giftmas knitting. Every year I wonder if I should knit some gifts for the special people in my life. Last year I went all out and made three knitted presents and it was hard. This year, I am not sure if I’ll go crazy like that but I am already planning at least a few gifts. My friend (one of the only friends I have made in Lavonia) has a little girl who adores wearing hats and I’m definitely making her a cute Spiral Hat. I would also like to knit something for her, not sure what though. I am sometimes hesitant to knit for friends because I am not sure they will appreciate the effort that goes into hand knit gifts but I am not worried about that with these friends. I know my gifts will be cherished and actually used! Unsure about family gifts. Last year I knit my mom a feathery pretty Wisp,  my sister received beautiful cabled gauntlets and my grandma got a blanket. And with less than 50 days left until Giftmas, I don’t think I can tackle 5 projects. I am a slow, procrastination prone knitter. No denying it, I can take a long time to finish projects.

For the next few days I’ll be brainstorming for ideas, because if I am going to knit gifts, I need to get started. I should have already gotten started, to be honest. Last year I believe I was knitting gifts in October. Ideas for quickish projects?