Stacked Ladder Fingerless Gloves


  • Blo = Back loop only
  • Ch = Chain(s)
  • Hdc = Half double crochet
  • Rep = Repeat
  • Rnd(s) = Round(s)
  • RS = Right side
  • Sc = Single crochet
  • Sl st = Slip stitch
  • Sk = Skip
  • Yo = Yarn over
  • Fltr – Front Loop Treble Crochet Below
    • (Yo) twice, insert hook into the front loop only of the next stitch 3 rows below, proceed with treble crochet: yo and draw through a loop (4 loops on the hook), (yo and draw through 2 loops on the hook) 3 times.
  • Hdc 3rd loop = Hdc into 3rd loop
  • 3rd Loop = the back stitch of a Hdc

This pattern can be worked in three sizes:

Written in pattern: Small (M) (L)

Wrist (worked flat):

ch 6
sc5, Ch1 turn

Start ribbing Repeat:
Row 1: hdc 5, ch1 turn
Row 2: sc blo 5, ch1, turn

Continue for ~11 (12) (13) repeats (this can be increased to make the cuff bigger.)

  • In the original I did 13 repeats of the cuff pattern.
  • Child’s size or very small tiny handed person: 11 repeats
  • Small adult: 12 repeats
  • Large size: 13 repeats

The pattern can be adjusted in this manner to fit larger hands.

cuff after 11 repeats
Cuff after 11 Repeats of the Ribbing


Turn inside out and join by slip stitch into loops touching each other to create an invisible join.

Turn back around to pick up stitches.

Pick up 25 (30) (35) stitches sc (A multiple of 5 can be used to adjust size of mitt).

You’re working in continuous rounds so you should mark the beginning of your round with a marker if needed.

Round 1: scblo
Round 2: scblo
Round 3: *fltr, skip the stitch that you made the fltr over, sc4 blo* until last four scblo.
Last four stitches: scblo 3, skip 1 stitch, scblo into top of the previous row’s fltr.

Note: In order to get the ladders to stack correctly as they go up the pattern, the fourth scblo of your stitch repeat needs to land on top of the previous row’s fltr. This is why you skip one stitch in this first stitch repeat round to get the stitches to stack up correctly.

This is the only time you have to do this to get the pattern to line up correctly.

Round 4: *fltr, skip the stitch that you made the fltr over, sc4 blo

Repeat Round 4 for approximately 16 rounds. You can do more rounds to have a longer mitt, or as little as you want.


Thumb Round 1: sc1 into full stitch, ch5, sc into full stitch, sc3 blo, fltr, *sc4 blo, fltr until end of round.

Continue to top band.

Top Band:

Hdc around 1 round
Hdc into 3rd loop for two more rounds.
Sc into 3rd loop for last round


Fasten off and weave in ends.

Finished small sized mitt