It’s been a while I know I’ve been writing a lot on Ao3 and not here. I need to get back to the Hangul lessons and stuff.

But first I wanted to post an old poem I found that I wrote in my senior year of high school, probably in 1997. I’ve lost and re-found it so many times throughout the years, through different computers and it’s a work I’ve always been proud of. So I post it here to preserve it forever, hopefully!

Jingle and Jangle by faebell

Somebody made their keys


and jangle their way down the hall,

and I cringe at that jarring interval between time 

and space 

a new place to live 

and I sit on my windowsill and 

blame the world for my feelings. 

My ceilings getting lower

and the walls are closing in

so go ahead

try the door,

it doesn’t work anymore,

I’ll just sit on my windowsill and


the things outside me,

the things within


somebody made them scream out

and get bold, 

flung out into the cold

and the house we’ve sold means


is left, but the key

attached to that jingle and jangle of a key chain, slipping

from the warmth of a pocket

and crashing to the linoleum floor with a


and then is silent.