No Man’s Sky

I have been playing No Man’s Sky so much lately. Even though it had a very rough start, NMS is an amazing game now. I enjoy games that are immersive and that I can explore on my own and go where I want. No Man’s Sky is so my type of game!

With a universe that is seemingly endless, and planets that are gratifyingly large, No Man’s Sky makes me really feel like I am exploring in space. I am playing through the Artemis questline right now and woah the writing. Let me just say the writing in No Man’s Sky continues to blow me away with its complexity and depth.

I’ve been exploring a wild planet that is glitched or something and it has a ton of lore terminals. It is BOSS. The writing in NMS is really well done. Hours and hours and it is still surprising me with things. This person on Reddit found a similar planet full of lore terminals while playing No Man’s Sky.

What I love the most…

What I love most about No Man’s Sky is finding a new group of planets and landing on them for the first time. When I found the planet full of lore terminals my mind was genuinely blown. What was this and what is going on? The terminals spit out some amazing details, all 21 of them. They have something to do with the Artemis story. Not entirely sure what yet, but it’s really freaking cool!

What about you? Did you play NMS at launch only to be disappointed by it? I have played since launch and have been there for all the bumps and turbulence but they have REALLY turned it around and it’s such a cool game now. I strongly encourage anyone who likes exploration games like Minecraft or Subnautica or things like that to check it out.