Back to Knitting

I have rediscovered my love for fiber crafts. After years of hiatus I have been knitting voraciously the past few months. Last year I started on a huge blanket project using up all my scrap yarn, the Stora Filten. My goal is to make a bedspread that’s large enough for my king size bed. I started it with the full intention of it being my extremely long-term project. In the year since I’ve been working on it, I’ve completed 16 squares so far. I calculate that I’ll need anywhere from 48 to 60 small squares for the blanket to be the size that I think it will need to be. So I am from 33 – 26 % finished, depending on when my motivation peters out and I call it finished. That percentage doesn’t include the time it will take to matress stitch the whole mess together. I’m not looking forward to that part of the project at all.



That blanket was all I knit on for a long time but more recently at the beginning of April I really started getting the urge to knit on something more challenging so I returned to my long since slumbering Brandywine shawl. I am on repeat 11 of the 15 repeats of section B so I am nearly finished. While it is not an unusually difficult pattern, it’s a project that takes a high level of concentration for me to work on. I have to mark out progress within rows in order to keep focused on where I am in the row. I find that I cannot knit on this project when I get home from work because I’ll make mistakes too easily. Mentally I am fatigued after a day teaching.


After many evenings working on my blanket exclusively I started to want to find a middle of the road project that required a bit more brain power than the blanket, but not the intense concentration of the Brandywine shawl. I’ve found that project in my Blades of Grass mitts. I love the pattern and equally love that the four stitch pattern is easy to memorize. I want to finish these mitts and maybe start on some socks or something else in the medium range of difficulty.





So with all these projects going, I can safely say that my knitting mojo is back!