About Me

This is all about me. Well, all I am likely to share:

I’m a teacher by day, a reader, writer and gamer by night, and you’ve found my website. I live in Athens, GA, have an awesome kid, a sassy cat and I enjoy being alone.

About my online persona faeriebell:

I coined the name faeriebell in 1995 when signing up for my first Hotmail account. I have gone by this name ever since, in some shape or form. Lately I prefer faebell because it’s a good play on words as well as who I am. Get it, faebell / fable? I like it a lot You can call me fae as most people do who I know online. I’ve been faeriebell on so many sites that if you have ever chatted with someone by that name it was definitely me. I’m on Ravelry as faeriebell, reddit as faeriebell, tumblr as faeriebell, twitter … the list goes on (ao3, yes. gaiaonline, yes. so many sites) I play mobile games from time to time and am also faeriebell on PS4 but I probably won’t add you because I prefer solitary gaming.