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May 14


Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 in Exercise, Weight Loss

Spring semester was killer for me in terms of working out. I had so much reading to do and so many papers to write that I essentially had to cut my workout time in half and cut out running all together. What do you suppose happened? Surprise, surprise, I gained 10 lbs! I put in a lot of effort and sweat at the gym during the workouts that I did fit in but I’m entirely unamused at my weight gain.

Thus, another big portion of my summer plans involve exercising as much as possible. I love to workout and like the way I feel when I work out a lot so I am looking forward to it. This morning I did my first P90X workout and woah buddy it’s going to rock. I found this P90X workout schedule that I’ll be using from today but unfortunately I can’t do it every day of the week. I already have other workouts that I do every day of the week and this is a supplementation to the other exercise. But from today I’ll just follow this sequentially instead of doing it every day like it suggests.

My workout plan for the summer is as follows:

Monday’s – 9:30 AM – P90X with Renee and Lori (60 minutes/90 minutes if we do the ab ripper x)
Tuesday’s – 9:00 AM – Kettlebell (30 minutes)
Wednesday’s – 9:00 AM – Gym for elliptical (20 minutes) and weightlifting (30 – 40 minutes).
Thursday’s – 6:00 PM – Kettlebell (30 minutes), 6:30 PM Zumba (60 minutes)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 9:30 AM Zumba
Sunday – 9:00 AM Run

I did put in a rest day! But I am so pumped for this workout schedule.

May 21

My Weight Loss Journey

Posted on Friday, May 21, 2010 in Exercise, Weight Loss

So we had a bit of a disaster, and for a few weeks I didn’t have my computer. My dad did let me use his but I never found time to blog. My daughter spilled coffee all over my beautiful laptop and fried it. But thankfully I have a warranty that covers accidental damage and Geek Squad fixed it right up. The DC jack, the motherboard, and the keyboard all needed replacing. Coffee and laptops do not mix, kids. Just make a note of that.

I should have gotten a bunch of knitting accomplished in the time I didn’t have a computer but since my dad lent me his I sort of slacked in the knitting front. I have one more section of knitting to get done and then I will be ready to piece together a baby outfit for a dear friend who’s little girl has already been born. I am making her a larger size so she’ll be able to wear it later once all the baby shower gifts are outgrown. I am seeing her next weekend and I doubt I’ll be finished. I’ve been slacking. I only get the opportunity to knit in the evenings before bed after my little girl goes to sleep and lately I’ve not had the drive to bust out lots of rows each evening. I’ve been tired!

Exercise has become a large part of my life, and for the first time I cna recall I am enjoying it. I go to the gym Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and try to get there on Saturday’s. For the month of May, I’ve pledged 20 workouts and am trying to get them all in. 4 workouts a week I have a babysitter for, but that 5th one I have to see if my mom can watch the girl so I can run up to the gym. Tomorrow I have the sitter coming though because my parent’s are out of town for the weekend.

On Monday’s, I go in the morning and do two miles on the treadmill and then lift weights, focusing on my upper body. I do chest presses, shoulder presses, mid rows, lat pull downs, shoulder flys and work my triceps and biceps. I’ve also started to do sit-ups on the ab machine too, I used to do those only on Wednesdays. Monday nights are my favorites, Zumba! I love Zumba so much and it makes me sweat buckets.

Wednesdays are for my lower body. I walk 2 miles on the treadmill then do leg presses, leg curls, leg extensions, thigh presses (inner and outer thighs) ball squats and then do sit-ups with the ab machine.

Thursday nights are kickboxing classes and I love those. Always a good workout and I get out some stress by beating the crap out of the punching bags. Excellent endorphin release.

Saturdays there is a Zumba class and a Pilates class and these days I lean more towards the Zumba. I am trying to get in shape and not just lose weight. I’ve lost 36 pounds on Weight Watchers (and about 15 before I started Weight Watchers) but with all the exercise I am trying to tone up my body so I have some muscle.  I feel good about myself. I had gotten really heavy, thanks to my pregnancy and also some comfort eating thanks to post partum depression and a pretty crappy marriage. My next goal is about 10 lbs away and I’ll keep going from there.

I like Weight Watchers a lot. I never feel deprived. It’s a wonderful way to re-educate yourself about what you should be eating. I had a big problem with portion size. I can’t even imagine how many calories a day I was eating prior to joining Weight Watchers. Losing weight was sort of my New Year’s resolution, though I don’t like to call it that because I hate hokey New Year’s resolutions that you never remember and always just flake out on. But sometime after the first of the year I just had had enough of being fat and was ready to change.

Weight loss is all about motivation. If you are not motivated, you’ll not lose weight. You’ll just keep on eating what you’re eating and make excuses. Well I was tired of excuses. I was tired of overeating to the point of it being binge eating. I was tired of being invisible. I was ready to change. And so I have. Weight Watchers has helped me tremendously.