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Jun 19

How I Was Beaten by Yoga X

Posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 in Exercise

P90X is a killer workout routine and I am not even doing it the way it’s intended to be done. I am only incorporating it into my existing workout schedule and doing it once a week. This week I did YogaX and was floored at how hard it was. I didn’t even finish the whole workout because I was feeling light headed and sick. I have done almost all the other P90X workouts and was surprised that yoga beat me. I used to do yoga every day! I went out on the Internet and searched for common experiences with which to sooth my battered pride and found plenty. At least I am not the only one.

Realization: Yoga X is hard

Anyone who has tried P90X knows just how hard Yoga X is. Out of the 12 DVDs included in the program, its the longest workout 1.5 hours, and it is also one of the most difficult because youre working muscles in a whole new way. Its not about quick bursts of power or reps and sets— yoga is about slow and fluid transitions between movements. Its also about holding poses for extended periods of time.

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No shit it’s hard. And maybe I’d forgotten that yoga is indeed very challenging if you are doing it the right way and challenging yourself to push it to the next level. Sure you can stand in Warrior pose and be comfortable, but if you put your legs just a bit farther apart and your body a bit lower to the ground, you’ll feel it more.

So yes, YogaX kicked my ass. And no, I will not let that beat me. I’ll try it again and I will finish it next time!

May 14


Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 in Exercise, Weight Loss

Spring semester was killer for me in terms of working out. I had so much reading to do and so many papers to write that I essentially had to cut my workout time in half and cut out running all together. What do you suppose happened? Surprise, surprise, I gained 10 lbs! I put in a lot of effort and sweat at the gym during the workouts that I did fit in but I’m entirely unamused at my weight gain.

Thus, another big portion of my summer plans involve exercising as much as possible. I love to workout and like the way I feel when I work out a lot so I am looking forward to it. This morning I did my first P90X workout and woah buddy it’s going to rock. I found this P90X workout schedule that I’ll be using from today but unfortunately I can’t do it every day of the week. I already have other workouts that I do every day of the week and this is a supplementation to the other exercise. But from today I’ll just follow this sequentially instead of doing it every day like it suggests.

My workout plan for the summer is as follows:

Monday’s – 9:30 AM – P90X with Renee and Lori (60 minutes/90 minutes if we do the ab ripper x)
Tuesday’s – 9:00 AM – Kettlebell (30 minutes)
Wednesday’s – 9:00 AM – Gym for elliptical (20 minutes) and weightlifting (30 – 40 minutes).
Thursday’s – 6:00 PM – Kettlebell (30 minutes), 6:30 PM Zumba (60 minutes)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 9:30 AM Zumba
Sunday – 9:00 AM Run

I did put in a rest day! But I am so pumped for this workout schedule.