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Mar 20

Started a compost pile

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 in Life

We just started a compost pile and we’re still learning how the hell to do it. I read this article on what I can compost, and I think it’s a good resource. I am sort of in the dark still. I just know that I have understood how much I can reduce my carbon footprint by simply reducing the amount of trash my house creates. I need to live better. My boyfriend has helped me to re-evaluate once more my eating habits. No longer is my main goal to  cut calories to lose weight, but I want to eat really healthy and locally. I’m going through a revolution of sorts in that area and want to create less trash in the process. Compost is great right? I want a garden and it needs fertilizing. Oh hey I create a bunch of trash in my daily life a lot of which can be used as fertilizer. Hey, there’s an idea.