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Dec 3

New Minecraft Goods

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2011 in Games, Minecraft

The Minecraft official store at Jinx just got an oodle of new goodies that are sure to make any Minecraft junkie’s square heart swell with joy.

My favorites of the new haul aren’t t-shirts. The Minecraft Pickaxe Keychain is so perfect, I only wish it was a diamond pickaxe. It’s only $9.99 too, perfect price point.


The Diamond Pendant Necklace is so cute, but it looks a bit like a mushroom from Mario. I wish the charm were a bit smaller. But the cleverness factor is so high, I’m tempted to buy it just for that!


Hands down, my favorite is the belt. The Minecraft Ironsword Belt is the perfect understated fan merchandise. It’s just perfect. I really want this belt. A large, if anyone reads this… *hint* *hint*

Sep 19

Medieval Town: Cathedral

Posted on Monday, September 19, 2011 in Minecraft

The cathedral really is the most epic building in the town.

Cathedral at Night

Looking out at the cathedral from the pulpit in Medieval Town. Nighttime shot.

Medieval Town Cathedral

View from the pulpit during the daytime.

Mr. Creeper's Seats

These seats are all reserved for Mr. Creeper. Mr. Creeper sits alone.

Medieval Town Cathedral

Interior of the Medieval Town cathedral. Pretty ceilings. Wonder if this church holds any secrets?


Reddit is the current idol worshiped at the cathedral.

Where does this go?

Where does this go?

There is a portal to the Nether under the cathedral!!

There is a portal to the Nether under the cathedral!!

Aug 30

Medieval Town: Village Houses

Posted on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 in Minecraft

Village House

House in Medieval Town

Just a Wall?

Is this just a plain wall? What is that lever?

Ah ha! Secret room!

Oooh a secret room!

Hidden Hallway

Where does this secret tunnel go?

Tricksy Minecrafters

It's a trap!

Bath House

Bath House.

Next up, the most epic building in town, the Cathedral.

Aug 29

Medieval Town: Library

Posted on Monday, August 29, 2011 in Minecraft

Hey, did somebody turn out the lights? Silence in the Library, and count your shadows!

Commons and Library

This building has a common area downstairs and the village library upstairs.

Reading area in a building.

Reading area. Check ou tthe pretty light.

Library Counter

Check your books out here.


Rows and rows of books in the Medieval Town Library.

Next up, Housing.

Aug 20

Medieval Town: Spleef Arena

Posted on Saturday, August 20, 2011 in Minecraft

Spleef is awesome. And it’s a game only known by Minecraft players. So here is the epic Spleef Arena of Medieval Town.

Spleef Arena

View of the Spleef Arena. Spleef is the official sport of Minecraft.

Spleef Arena Facade

The facade on the Spleef Arena. Ooh shiny.

Blue Team

Blue Team

Gold Team

Gold Team

Rules of Spleef

Rules of Spleef

View of Spleef Arena

A view of the Spleef Arena from the playing field.

Spleef Player's Entrance

Player's entrance to the Spleef arena.

Walkway to the Spleef Playing Field

Blue team goes one way, gold team goes another. Get ready to Spleef!

Ready, Set, Spleef!

Ready, Set, Spleef!

Spleef Arena of DOOM

Yes, that's really lava under the spleef playing field. Hardcore, man.

So that’s Spleef.

Next up, the library.

Aug 19

Medieval Town: Ghetto

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2011 in Minecraft

In the ghetto

Medieval Town Ghetto

Ghetto outside the city gates.

It’s outside the wall, they are tossed to the wolves. Or creepers as the case may be.

Apple tree

How bout them apples?

Next comes SPLEEF.

Aug 14

Minecraft Rails: How the crap do they work?

Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2011 in Minecraft

I don’t know how to do rails in Minecraft and it’s making me so mad. I want to make a loop system with a track switch. I am failing completely. My mind is all derp about detector rails and how to power their input and what the hell am I doing? And apparently what I am trying to do is so blindingly simple that there are no diagrams or videos or anything helpful online.

Am I really this stupid? I’m not in a good mood at all today and this is really really pissing me off.

Aug 12

Medieval Town: Windmill

Posted on Friday, August 12, 2011 in Minecraft

So when it’s turned on, the windmill really spins. I don’t know how Glenn did that. Maybe he could explain.


View of the Dutch style windmill, wheat crops and the ghetto outside the city walls.


Windmill in Medieval Town

Next up: Ghetto

Aug 12

Medieval Town: Village Shops

Posted on Friday, August 12, 2011 in Minecraft

Shopping is easy to do in Medieval Town!


Next will be the Windmill.

Aug 11

Medieval Town: Harbor, Lighthouse and Fish Market

Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011 in Minecraft

Leaving the library, you come out facing the fish market. You know it’s a fish market because it has an enormous fish statue on top of it.


fish market

Wanted: Fish mongers. Apply Within.

Fish Market and Lighthouse

View of the fish market, the harbor and the lighthouse.


It’s hard to miss that beautiful lighthouse in the distance there isn’t it? I’m going to tell you flat out that the lighthouse is my favorite part of Medieval Town. Mostly because I love lighthouses but also because I think it’s been built well and uses Minecraft blocks creatively and the end result is really awesome looking both from a distance and up close.

Harbor and Lighthouse

Well I think this view is pretty stunning. Beautiful lighthouse and harbor.

Lighthouse at Night

Oooh pretty!

Harbor and Lighthouse

Medieval Town Harbor and Lighthouse

Rounding out the harbor area is what I’ve dubbed the Fish Lodge down the beach. It’s a bit away from the rest of the harbor but I’m including it in this post because it’s thematically the same as the harbor. It’s a big building with sitting areas inside and a dock down by the water.


Lodge and Lighthouse

Looking out to sea with the fish lodge and the lighthouse.

I like the carpets inside and the sitting areas. Also the topiaries made using tree saplings. SMART.

Fish Lodge Interior

Inside the fishing lodge at the water's edge.

Inside the Fishing Lodge

Another view of the inside of the fishing lodge

Inside the Fishing Lodge

Another view of the fishing lodge.

Boat Docks

Boat Docks at the Fish Lodge.

It’s also got a good view of that lighthouse.

I like lighthouses

Can you tell I like lighthouses?

So that’s the tour of the harbor, the lighthouse, the fish market, and the Fish Lodge. Every seaside city has to have all sorts of fishy things like this, right? Next up we’ll tour the shops in the village.