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Nov 1

Oh god, a moment of self realization

Posted on Friday, November 1, 2013 in Life, Personal

First, go read this article. This is what I am freaking out about: Happy Halloween! Tips to protect yourself from Emotional Zombies & Vampires. | Rebelle Society. Then come back to me.

Yikes. I think I’m both. An emotional vampire and zombie. This crushes my sense of confidence and self and I had a rough day yesterday. Hell I have had a rough week. I probably need help. This article sort of made me have a huge day long panic attack. Which means I needed to read it, no matter the unpleasant emotions it made me feel. Emotions are not good or bad. It is ok to feel them. I need to remember to not be a zombie and let myself feel them. And to heal. And I need to not be an addictive personality emotional vampire and remember to not seek to validate my existence through the attention of others. This quote really got to me:

Most monster behavior involves self-focus and in some cases turns into a hijacking of the self by the shadow. Vampires represent the addict archetype. A Vampire’s very existence depends on sustenance that comes from an unsustainable source. Similarly, addicts rely on something external (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.) to fill a void and make them feel more alive.

I need to keep these in mind:

What are MEPS? Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual nuggets of goodness that you can apply immediately.
MEPS Keys for Monsters:
M (mental): Practice the following mantra:
Vampires: I easily meet my own needs.
Zombies: It is safe for me to feel and heal.
E (emotional): Feel your underlying feelings and seek out healing.
Vampires: Feel and heal the emotional issues around attachment.
Zombies: Feel the emotions you are resisting. Emotional flow will bring you back to life!
P (physical): Maintain a safe distance from possible victims. Engaging with others when you are in ‘monster-mode’ will only harm your relationships.

S (spiritual): Be honest with yourself. Nurture yourself. Achieve a balanced energy exchange in your interactions.