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Dec 22

Facebook in Rural Georgia

Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2012 in Personal, Web

I have to hide so many Facebook posts from local people. Why do so many rural Georgians have to be racist and bigoted? UGH. And why is is always about Obama? I get that they are conservative. But many posts cross the line, with the tone and intentions. How do they think they sound? I think sound very un-American, while they claim to be so very patriotic.

Now, I am not one to debate on Facebook and my days of being vocally political are very much over. So I just hide the posts. Debating politics with people makes me feel vastly uncomfortable. But all the same, it makes me sad realizing that these people, who I am friends with on a social level and say hello to when I see them, that these same people have these political ideals that are so diametrically opposed to mine. It sounds like I’m confusing conservatism and being racist and I am not. I am cognizant that most conservatives are not racist. Right? But I have to hide posts nearly every day and I’m weary.

Is this a tenable situation, living among people who just cannot accept a black person being president? I don’t know. For the most part I ignore it. I certainly cannot change their opinions. But these things, they make me sick.