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Feb 5

Crazy Dream

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 in Personal


I was in a breakfast place with Mia, and heard French being spoken, so went up to the people and started talking to them. three people. very cool people, dressed interestingly and had neat hair and piercings. I guess that’s what I think is cool.

Mia was with me and we talked with them for a bit and I asked Mia to tell them hello in French, etc.

Then we shifted to driving in the car, I was with them. We were going somewhere where there was a mission, these people were like spies or something. Then we were at a store and getting ready to intercept someone. I saw a thing of yarn that would make a Nintendo character pattern when knit up. I tried to buy it but I had to be a citizen of another country to buy it, I couldn’t buy it since I was american.

Then we shifted and I was the assassin or spy. I was in a bathroom putting on a fancy cocktail dress. I might have had to marry someone or kill them or something. He was Asian. The dress was teal satin type material with black swirly designs on it. I had high heels, my hair was done and I had on pretty makeup. I was nervous about the plot going right.

Then it turned out that the plan had been revealed as I was driving to where ever and the mission aborted.

Then it turned bad, I heard M (she was already up and so playing and I could hear her in my dream) and a bird chirping three times. In my dream that was a signal that I had failed so to take out what was important to me — M. I woke in a panic because of that.