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Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 in Dreams

I wish I could write down with clarity what I dream, because every night is an adventure. Last night I dreamed that I was visiting some place called Red Hill, Georgia. The city was on the Alabama border, in the middle of the state. Maybe off of I-20. This city is completely fictitious.The town had two famous restaurants, a diner named the Grey Valet and one other. My friend complained that the Papa John’s pizza delivery took forever from there.

The house I was living in had lizards running around on the floor in my bedroom and a huge fluffy day bed with flowers on the duvet. But I had to sleep on the couch.

There was a famous zombie parade going on the day of my dream. The whole town seemed to be involved. Half the town dressed as zombies and the rest of the town chased them as civilian vigilantes. Children were excited, there was an air of excitement about the parade/celebration. I was on the sidelines and kids were running past me. Zombies were walking up the middle of the road, all decked out in makeup looking goulish.

The thing about dreams is, I guess, that they drive off of emotions and feelings and intuition, which for me are hard to convey when I describe what I was seeing. There was more about the bedroom that I don’t remember now, but it was about fish and water.

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