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Feb 20


Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2016 in Exercise, Life, Personal

Life has been so busy that I forgot to journal online. Not that anyone noticed. I have been working on my journaling skills offline, and it’s been helping me greatly to deal with the ups and downs life tends to throw in my path. I’ve been working hard at work and relaxing hard at home. Seeking to find a good work/home balance. My boyfriend and I broke up. It hurt. I am more isolated and lonely than I’ve been in a long time. So journaling offline has been a great help to work through the new baggage I have to add to my other baggage. Which is indeed adding up to a lot of baggage to carry around with me. Bitter? That’s me.

Work life is good. Working with kids is crazy but good. I love my job. I love speaking French. Teaching it is challenging and rewarding. I wish my students spoke better French but I think they are doing ok.

Exercise life is rough going these days. I am still trying to find the energy and time to exercise at the end of the day but it’s so hard. I look back to just a few years ago when I was losing all that weight and was in such good shape and what speaks to me is the large amount of free time I had and was able to devote said time to working out. Morning gym time twice a week. Night zumba, kettlebell and kick boxing classes a few times a week. I would spend more time at the gym than anywhere else. And living with my family meant that I was not in charge of meal prep either. So not to make excuses but I don’t have that kind of free time anymore. By the time I get home from work it’s 5:00 at the earliest and dinner has to be made. I was wasting $44 at the gym every month so I froze my account. I have workout stuff in the basement and I should ostensibly be able to use it. I hardly ever do tough and this is frustrating. It’s a goal to find a better balance soon.

House is getting repaired soon to the tune of $7k. The basement leaking problem that surprised me soon after buying was not cool. And must get fixed.

Life, it’s a crazy thing. I’ll figure it out eventually.