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Feb 27

Clear dream cycle

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 in Sleep


What good sleep I got for once. Whiskey and coke before bed did its job.

Feb 27

2 hour dream cycle

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 in Sleep


Feb 14

Another wacky dream!

Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2013 in Dreams

I was walking down 29 in Lilburn past the Kroger (it was closed) and walked past Monica Kaufman from Channel 2 news and a parapro from my elementary school carrying an umbrella. Then I was at an airport or train station, walking in the pedestrian bridges over the street into a mall or shopping center.

I went into a store that was tucked away, like a small boutique. There were circular product display, shoes, shorts, and hand towels. The branding seemed sort of like Tommy Hilfiger, everything was red white and blue. There was a customer in the store with me trying things on and knocking on the walls and stuff and when I inquired about it, the store employees said he had ocd and had to do certain actions repetitively. They were being cool about it, like saying he was a regular customer and that he just had to do it. (My dream self was not making  fun of people with ocd, I’m glad my subconscious is not an awful person.)

Some people asked me to be in a game show or something, they were all undergrads at UGA. I had on no clothes and roller skates so I went and got a big beach towel. The game show was like Jeopardy  There were snacks all around. No one was paying attention. I had to translate a sentence from Latin. I don’t speak Latin, but my dream self could but I wasn’t sure what sort of task I was being asked to do so missed the question and got upset. Then I started speaking French, “Non, je peux le tradiuire!” I was roller skating through the store. The area behind the store had an apartment. Lots of people were sleeping there. I was talking to some people I knew in elementary school. I wanted to go roller skating. They hadn’t been roller skating in years. I still had on my roller skates.

My dream ended by credits rolling like in a movie; I knew it was time to get up because the dream was over.

Feb 13

Dream February 13th

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 in Dreams

I dreamed that I was in a bunker of some kind and trying to escape. The doors opened and closed like a spaceship and I was hiding in the bathroom from people. Then I was hiding out on an island in a tropical location. I was hiding in a rock pool that was deep and looking up at people and they thought I was a mermaid.

There was a family there that was “my” family, I didn’t know them though. We were getting ready to leave the island. We were in a garage full of tools and work benches with all sorts of projects going at each. Then Steve Martin came and he was going to kill me and we were throwing rocks at each other. Then my “father” hit Steve Martin with a bag full of cans of beer but it had some sort of psychotropic drug on it and he stopped trying to kill me and as sitting there in a chair tripping.

Feb 5

Crazy Dream

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 in Personal


I was in a breakfast place with Mia, and heard French being spoken, so went up to the people and started talking to them. three people. very cool people, dressed interestingly and had neat hair and piercings. I guess that’s what I think is cool.

Mia was with me and we talked with them for a bit and I asked Mia to tell them hello in French, etc.

Then we shifted to driving in the car, I was with them. We were going somewhere where there was a mission, these people were like spies or something. Then we were at a store and getting ready to intercept someone. I saw a thing of yarn that would make a Nintendo character pattern when knit up. I tried to buy it but I had to be a citizen of another country to buy it, I couldn’t buy it since I was american.

Then we shifted and I was the assassin or spy. I was in a bathroom putting on a fancy cocktail dress. I might have had to marry someone or kill them or something. He was Asian. The dress was teal satin type material with black swirly designs on it. I had high heels, my hair was done and I had on pretty makeup. I was nervous about the plot going right.

Then it turned out that the plan had been revealed as I was driving to where ever and the mission aborted.

Then it turned bad, I heard M (she was already up and so playing and I could hear her in my dream) and a bird chirping three times. In my dream that was a signal that I had failed so to take out what was important to me — M. I woke in a panic because of that.

Feb 4

Best sleep!

Posted on Monday, February 4, 2013 in Sleep