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May 14


Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 in Exercise, Weight Loss

Spring semester was killer for me in terms of working out. I had so much reading to do and so many papers to write that I essentially had to cut my workout time in half and cut out running all together. What do you suppose happened? Surprise, surprise, I gained 10 lbs! I put in a lot of effort and sweat at the gym during the workouts that I did fit in but I’m entirely unamused at my weight gain.

Thus, another big portion of my summer plans involve exercising as much as possible. I love to workout and like the way I feel when I work out a lot so I am looking forward to it. This morning I did my first P90X workout and woah buddy it’s going to rock. I found this P90X workout schedule that I’ll be using from today but unfortunately I can’t do it every day of the week. I already have other workouts that I do every day of the week and this is a supplementation to the other exercise. But from today I’ll just follow this sequentially instead of doing it every day like it suggests.

My workout plan for the summer is as follows:

Monday’s – 9:30 AM – P90X with Renee and Lori (60 minutes/90 minutes if we do the ab ripper x)
Tuesday’s – 9:00 AM – Kettlebell (30 minutes)
Wednesday’s – 9:00 AM – Gym for elliptical (20 minutes) and weightlifting (30 – 40 minutes).
Thursday’s – 6:00 PM – Kettlebell (30 minutes), 6:30 PM Zumba (60 minutes)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 9:30 AM Zumba
Sunday – 9:00 AM Run

I did put in a rest day! But I am so pumped for this workout schedule.

May 14

Summer: French Plan of Study

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 in French, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching

A large portion of my summer plans include daily French study. After last semester, I would say my current proficiency in specific grammar concepts is lacking. I mean, I did fine in the French course I took, I got an A-, but there is definite room for improvement. Lesson learned: When one takes 8 years off of French learning, one tends to forget parts of the language. To receive certification with my MAT program with UGA, I will need to score Intermediate High the ACTFL Oral Proficiency test, which I will take during the cohort portion of the program where I complete my practicum courses and student teaching/internship. While I am not doing my cohort this coming fall, I intend to complete my G-4 Certification requirements during the 2013 – 2014 school year, I am not taking classes this summer, so now is the time to get it up to par.

In the curriculum design course I took last semester, I learned a lot about how languages are taught and therefore am using that information to approach my studies in the most efficient metacognitive style. I know that in order to develop all areas of language proficiency I will need to practice all four areas of the language: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. I also Think the four strands principle of language learning is a wise approach: Language-focused learning, meaning-focused output, meaning focused input and fluency development. Another principle I intend to employ is comprehensible input (thank you Stephen Krashen!)

So below is my plan of attack for maximizing my language development over the short summer months.

Focus: Grammar

  • Reading: Read sentences and paragraphs employing the grammar concept I am focusing on for the day. I will utilize Google and my existing coursebooks and texts to find relevant examples of the grammar concept and read them.
  • Writing: Practice the grammar concept in focus using the Ultimate French Review and Practice book I am using.
  • Listening: Listen to French podcast, find content related to grammar concepts.
  • Speaking: Simulate conversation and make up sentences utilizing the grammar concept.

Focus: Culture

  • Reading: Read the news/current events in France and French speaking countries.
  • Writing: Write a blog post about current event that interests me.
  • Listening: Watch French news broadcast about the current events.
  • Speaking: Record the blog pots that I write, and upload it to the blog as a sort of podcast.

Focus: Verbs

  • Reading: Read sentences with verbs I am focusing on today employing them in a variety of verb tenses.
  • Writing: Write sentences using verbs in focus using in a variety of verb tenses.
  • Listening: Find reading paragraphs using the verbs.
  • Speaking: Read the sentences out loud. Make up sentences using the verb in a variety of verb tenses in a simulated conversation.

Focus: Reading Comprehension

  • Reading: Read from graded reader a chapter at a time.
  • Writing: Answer questions in the books about the chapter.
  • Listening: Read out loud.
  • Speaking: Read out loud.

Focus: Movie day

  • Reading: Read review about the movie before watching it.
  • Writing: Write a blog post about the movie after watching it reflecting on the movie.
  • Listening: Watch movie, listen to dialouge.
  • Speaking: Record blog post and post to blog as a podcast.


This is just a rough plan!

May 14

Summer Planning

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 in Exercise, General, Life

So much to get done this summer. Here is a rough planning list.

================ Summer 2012 =======================

== Stuff to get done ==

get window fixed
get SS and driver’s license name changed
get bank name changed
change name at UGA
organize papers
organize clothes
donate unworn clothes and shoes

== Exercise ==

p90x – mondays 9:30
kettlebell – tuesdays 9 am
running – friday 9 am
gym – wednesdays 9 am
kettlebell – thursdays 6 pm
zumba – thursdays 6:30 pm
zumba – wednesdays 6 pm
zumba – saturdays 9:30 am
running – sundays 10 am

== Other stuff ==

Stage lakeclub house
set up king bed in bedroom
refinish cabinet on screen porch

== French study ==

every day 1 hour
mix of grammar review, verb conjugation review
french movies weekly
read news
read graded readers

== Stuff to do regularly ==

laundry day – wednesdays

== Things to do with Mia ==
children’s museum
library programs

== Play Dates ==

regular play date – fridays 10 – 12

royston park
tugaloo state park
victoria bryant park
ballfields playground
headstart playground
canon playground
kid yoga (dvd)
brunch at people’s houses
crafts with the kids
wii play day (I have one, does anyeone else?)
water days:
water balloon fights
slip and slide