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May 3

Minecraft. YES.

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 in Minecraft

Of late I’ve been introduced to a very addicting game: Minecraft. It’s like, as a dear friend said, legos with stuff that can kill you. Just a few months ago I saw some kids playing it at the high school. Today I am utterly sucked in by this deceptively simple game.

What I have discovered about myself in playing this game is that I am a mole person. A mole person in as such that I like to dig myself an immense underground house all interconnected by tunnels. On the two servers I play on, this has been my major task.

On one server I built a cavernous pyramid that stair-steps down deep int the earth. I discovered a large cave down in the depths that I still haven’t explored fully, but it’s full of red stone and I’ve found gold and diamonds in it too. I’ve also got a few other caves near my house that i’ve claimed as my own to mine out. they are deep and big and I am sure full of resources.

I play on two servers, and the game play between the two differs enough to make it so I have to play on both and both are equally interesting. On my server I have the power to give myself any item. This allows me to create without any constraints. On the other server I play on I cannot give myself items and this makes mining and crafting items much more rewarding. Monsters are also much more f a challenge on this server. On my server we have monsters but creepers don’t fuck your house when they explode. Eventually, I want to make it so that they can cause damage on structures but for now I understand why the people who play on my server don’t want creepers to do damage to structures. They are building an immense model of Pompei, complete with 82 houses, temples, amphitheaters, and a market. It’s for a school project and I have to give them props for talking their teachers into letting them play minecraft for a school project.
In short, Minecraft is the best game ever. Yay!