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Apr 6

Frontierville and Cityville

Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 in Games

So I mentioned casual gaming on Facebook in an earlier post. Yes I am a casual gamer. My two biggest time sucks are Frontierville and Cityville. Yes, Zynga games have me by the throat.

Frontierville became my game of choice after I got really bored with Farmville. There is a lot more to do on Frontierville and I enjoy completing quests. A quest based system is a sure way to get me hooked. I’m currently a level 63 on Frontierville and still play it daily. But it’s been bothering me lately because of all the wall spam you have to pst to get items for buildings and quests. Very annoying to friends who do not play. I do hope they have post from Frontierville blocked by now. Because with every new building you have to get 15 of like 6 different things. Which sucks.

Cityville is a newer Zynga games that I have been enjoying a lot lately. It is also quest based and I have always enjoyed city building games. Between the two, Frontierville still wins but I love collecting rent and stuff on Cityville. It’s silly and a time waste but when Mia is napping in the afternoons and I have to be quiet these games are a perfect way to pass the time.

Apr 2

Baby Blanket

Posted on Saturday, April 2, 2011 in Knitting

Over Spring Break I cast on a baby blanket for my friend who is expecting her second baby in July. Sure, a baby blanket won’t be so useful in July but it will be well loved come the cold months of December and January. And I am getting started now because every time I see Raegen I am reminded that when your friend is having a baby and you are a knitter, you knit something for the baby! It’s just the law. And now she is showing and my motivation kicks into gear when I see her.

I am making a simple chevron patter but I am using a lot of really vibrant colors. It’s not a pink pastel baby blanket by any stretch of the imagination. This blanket will be super colorful and engaging for this baby. The colors are brown, burgundy, blue, green, yellow and cream.

I got off to a false start with this one. I had originally planned to hold two strands of yarn together but the fabric that was being knit was super thick so I ripped it out and started over with just a single strand of yarn. It looks much better and I’ve completed one full pattern repeat now. I think it will be super duper cute when it’s done. Of course I will post pictures to pimp my work when it is complete.