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Mar 31

Knitting Update

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011 in Knitting

Doctor Who Sock

Doctor Who Sock

Time for a small update on my current knits and my progress with the LSG11ty quest for greatness. One Doctor Who sock is done, and the second sock is done to the heel flap. I stalled out for a week or so looking for my DPNs to start the heel flap. They weren’t in my DPN organizer and I knew I had used them recently to do the heel for the other sock but I couldn’t find them anywhere. They were on top of my dresser. So I started my heel flap today. For some reason the 2nd sock always goes more quickly for me.



I also cast on a baby blanket for my friend’s baby, due in three months. I am making a simple chevron pattern, easy to memorize, and using two strands of yarn held together and big needles. Hoping it will go quickly.

Other projects: Market bag is stalled, need more Peaches and Creme in the Army colorway to proceed further. Brandywine is dead in the water. I need to be able to concentrate to do lace knitting, and that’s very hard for me lately.

Knitting update, complete.

Mar 27

ZenniOptical Slippery Slope

Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2011 in Life

Glasses from Zenni Optical RULE

My pretty new glasses from

My new love in life is I have known about this gem of a site for a long time but only recently placed my first order. I absolutely adore the glasses I got. They are black, square, and have a cute heart design on the sides. I think I like them more than the Prada frames I wore before, and I loved the shit out of those glasses. What’s best about the whole thing is the cost. I mean seriously, who whole order came to $28.90, and that included frames, special anti-glare lenses and shipping. Usually lenses cost so much and it really blows me away that lenses are included in the cost. Of course if you get bifocals or specialty lenses it costs more but the basic lenses are included and I am lucky enough to only need basic lenses. So the latest idea floating around in my head is to order ALL THE GLASSES. They are so cheap that I could get a few pair for the same cost as one pair of lenses from like Lenscrafters so it’s totally a good idea right? Glasses as accessories, it’s the new trend. I think I will buy two or three pairs to save on shipping. I <3 Zenni!

Mar 27

Time Flies

Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2011 in Life

Today, March 27th, 2011 I have been in Georgia for a year. I have returned not only to my home but to myself, I have rediscovered the person inside of me who got lost in the shuffle for a long time. She has emerged a stronger person who is more sure of herself than she has been for many years. A year is a long time but it has passed by in the blink of an eye. Next year will probably be the same, I’ll be writing another post in a year’s time wondering how another year has passed. But I hope it will have been a good year.

Mar 26

Games I have been playing

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011 in Games, Minecraft

I am a sucker for a good time sink. The whole reason I bought my laptop was to play games. Games like Civilization, Sim City, all the Sims and Spore used to fill my days. But these days I am playing casual games on Facebook more than any other.

I know, Facebook games have a bad reputation of not really being games and serious gamers criticize them something awful but they really are entertaining and don’t require a huge commitment of brain power and attention. And that’s sometimes all I want out of a game.

I have however recently discovered a game called Minecraft and when I can play games lately, I want to play that. I’m still learning how to do everything but Minecraft is right up my alley. In the next few days I want to set up my own server to play Minecraft online with friends. I think I need my own Minecraft server, don’t you agree?

Mar 25

Yo-Yo Weight Loss Makes Me Want to Cut a Bitch

Posted on Friday, March 25, 2011 in Weight Loss

In November, Weight Watchers unveiled a new points system, the Points Plus system. It is, to spin their PR, an updated, better, more scientific method of calculating the points a food has. Before, points were calculated based on calories, fat and fiber. Now, with Points Plus, points are calculated by a food’s fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. This is all well and good and I agree that including carbs and protein make it a more sensible and more complete calculation.

However, it completely threw me off my game. I had been losing steadily since January 2010 under the old points system and for a variety of reasons I was unprepared to change over to a new way. Part of it was because I like a lot of people resist change. Especially when the something that is being changed isn’t particularly broken. Points WORKED, why change? Part of it was also the time of year they decided to switch over to the new system. They decided to launch in November, hurtling 90 miles down the road into holiday season. A time of parties, pies, cake and eggnog. Oh eggnog.

So, since then I have been sort of floundering. I’ve not gained any weight, I’ve just been yo-yoing. This week’s meeting’s topic was the yo-yo cycle and how to push past it and so I thought I might journal out what’s been causing the yo-yo, for me.

Main reason is simple as shit and I feel like a dumb ass for having to admit to this because it’s one of the fundamental tenants of Weight Watchers: tracking. I haven’t been tracking. I have fallen off the tracking bandwagon and am trying hard this week to jump back on. If you don’t track, you eat way too much. Almost guaranteed. I used to track solely on my computer but I have found it hard to do promptly after eating. I used to be able to just pop on to the WW plan manager after a meal and enter what I had eaten but these days Mia is a constant distraction and I never do it. And then I was trying to track using my phone but Weigh Watcher’s mobile site is slow as fuck. So this week I have gone old school and am using the paper tracker and am writing down everything. I don’t think I’ve ever used the paper tracker. But I know I need to track better to stop the yo-yo cycle. And I will go back to basics to push past this fucking hurdle.

Mar 21

Nose Piercing

Posted on Monday, March 21, 2011 in Life

My nose piercing is now three months old! Yay, happy birthday to it. I haven’t posted much abut it except that I was going to get it done. Well after some initial issues and soreness I love it and I think it looks great. Well it finally looks great. My spechul snowflayke skin freaks out  at the drop of a hat so I had a bump that turned out to be some hypertrophic scarring going on at first and it was a pain in the ass to get it to go away but it’s finally evened out and looks fabu. Finally. Yay!

Mar 15

General Car Post

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in General

My car, a Pontiac Vibe, has a recall on it and I am being a dumbass and haven’t gotten it fixed yet. I really should. The defect is in the starter, I think. And sometimes when I try to turn the car on, it doesn’t turn over first try. I think that’s the reason there is a recall. It’s not a huge deal though. It’s not like it’s going to catch fire on the way down the road. But it’s something I need to get fixed.

Also, i need new tires on my car. I haven’t gotten new tires since I moved to New Jersey in 2006 and the tread on my front tires is getting really thin. I hope it’s not dangerious to drdive on them. Especially because I drive on the expressway to commute to work when I work at the high school. I want to know that I am not gonna have a blow out on the way to work. I don’t want to be going 75 MPH on the expressway and have to deal with that kind of mess.

One goal I have lately is to try and keep my car cleaner. I realize what a silly endeavor this is with a two year old but I have been trying. One thing I need to figure out is a better way to organize my CDs in my car. I have found a bunch onf my old CDs and they have all found their way to my car. So I have a billion CDs in my front seat and need a way to organize them so they are just not all over my front passenger seat. The back seat is a whole nother story of needing organization because it’s filled with toys to keep Mia entertained while we are driving and inevitably at least 5 pairs of socks that she has cast off in the car and a few pairs of shoes. Also littering the floor are cookies, gold fish and other food Mia’s thrown down and a few sippy cups. Time to get organized.

Mar 11

Spring Comes Early

Posted on Friday, March 11, 2011 in Life

February 2010 was my last full month in New Jersey. We got two snow storms of over a foot each in that month alone. It was pretty brutal. In late March, I packed up the house and my mom, Mia, the cat and I moved back down to Georgia. As we drove South, we watched spring blossom around us.

The trees do not get leaves on them and the flowers do not bloom in Jersey City until late April in a normal year. So, as a southern transplant, March and April were hard to endure with their endless gray skies and bare trees and normally a good amount of snow and a lot of cold, blustery wind. Harder still was the knowledge that in more Southerly climes the daffodils were blooming and Spring was getting ready to hit full cycle.

So, my first full spring back in the south is upon us and it seems so early! It has popped early, actually. The last few weeks of February were unusually warm and the plants and trees only needed a few warm days to get the signal that spring had arrived. So everything is blooming. Daffodils are everywhere with their cheerful yellow and the Bradford pears are splendid and white with their blooms. Weeping cherry trees are pretty in pink and I saw all the peach trees at Cheek’s Orchard in Canon blooming today on my drive over from Royston.

So while it may be early, it’s very pretty and a welcome change to the monotony of winter. Still, I am afraid everything is coming out too early and we’ll get a late snap of cold and kill everything. I remember the snow storm of 1992, though. That was in mid March. Hoping that doesn’t happen to us again.

Mar 10

Grad School, Here I Come

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2011 in Life

I finally submitted my application to grad school last month. Maybe in late January. I can’t remember exactly but it’s done. I applied for fall semester 2011. I have to wait until 90 days before the start of the semester to resubmit my residency application because when I submitted my application I had been in the state for less than a year but when the semester starts I will have been here for more than a year. So, it’s set on my calendar so I don’t miss that. I also need to apply for financial aid and try to see if I can get some help paying for it all.

It’s exciting and scary for me to be returning to school. I know I will enjoy this career path because French has always brought me such joy and to be able to teach high school kids something I love so much will be awesome. But sometimes I wonder if would be easier to just teach business classes? I subbed in the business class at the high school and I so could teach that class today. School is a daunting journey and I am not trying to talk myself out of it but business I could teach now, just a few tests to pass. I might look into it so I could be qualified to teach two things. I’d be more hire-able that way, right? And that brings us to the finish of this complete brain dump of a post.

Mar 8

Matching Hats for BFFs

Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 in Knitting

BFFs should have matching hats, am I right or what? I know, they totally should. So, they are getting them. Roxie and Mia will have matching hats to wear when they play together on the playground. I am jazzed. Black and turquoise stripes with tassels on the ends. Roxie’s is almost finished, I just have to put the tassels on. I started Mia’s hat a few days ago and have already knit a few inches on it. I work 4 days next week, I should finish it then. The day they wear them both at the park, I will have to remember to take pictures. It will be a super cute sight to see because they are both cuties!