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Oct 31

Finally, knitting progress

Posted on Sunday, October 31, 2010 in Knitting

Emily's outfitI’m proud to report the long overdue completion of  baby Emily’s outfit. I didn’t think this project would ever get done. It was started in December of last year and it seemed to take me forever. I did admittedly slack some, it was not worked on every night or it would have been done months ago.

This was the first garment I’ve knit besides socks. I needed help with piecing it together because I am not a seamstress by any accounts and that part sort of baffled me. Plus, I didn’t want to fuck it up after having worked so hard on it. So my mom helped me pin it together and sewed some of it for me.

I want to point out the adorable details: the picot edges, the ruffled pants, the gathered sleeves. But most of all I want to point out that stinkin’ cute baby wearing it. She’s beautiful, right. Also, Mia is beautiful and had to get in on any photo action.

The pattern is from a Bernat booklet that I got at Michael’s and the yarn is Bernat Baby Jacquards. I didn’t mind the yarn at all even though it is ackrylic. The self patterning  jaquard is very cute.

Emily's Outfit 2

This pattern was easy to knit, but it was boring! So much stockinette, enough to cross my eyes.  The next sweater I knit I would also like it not to be so many pieces, I didn’t understand why this one was knit the way it was. The front and back could have been knit at the same time in the round but they were knit separately so I had to be really careful to match up the self-patterning yarn right. The pants too, I think they could have been knit all together. The pieces themselves were quick to knit but the piecing together of the parts was tedious to me because I am a knitter, not a seamstress. But, it’s all together thanks to my mom and it came out so cute. I was so happy to see Emily in it at our Halloween party.

So with this pattern under my belt, I’ve moved on to some socks. Simple stockinette socks with the Time Traveler colorway from KnitPicks. I want to start something a little more engaging because all this stockinette is making me bored. My lovely friend Katie gifted me with the Brandywine shawl pattern and I want to make that with my skein of Malabrigo sock yarn that I found in my storage unit. It’s deep red and gorgeous. I wanted to use a skein of Madeline Tosh sock yarn in Jade, but it’s not quite enough yardage. So, that will become another shawl with just a little less yardage requirements.