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Dec 29

Disney Princesses in Real Life

Posted on Saturday, December 29, 2012 in Web

I love the Internet and the endless cool things to discover. I was looking for an image I saw years ago that revealed how similarly Disney princesses are all drawn the same with the same body shape and everything. I didn’t find that image — if you happen to know what I am talking about comment with a link please.

But I did find this cool photo manipulation series by photographer Jirka Vaatainen showing his idea of what Disney princesses would look like in real life.

I think my favorites are:

They are really well done and cute. Now, off again to look for that blasted picture. Down the rabbit hole, indeed.

Dec 22

Facebook in Rural Georgia

Posted on Saturday, December 22, 2012 in Personal, Web

I have to hide so many Facebook posts from local people. Why do so many rural Georgians have to be racist and bigoted? UGH. And why is is always about Obama? I get that they are conservative. But many posts cross the line, with the tone and intentions. How do they think they sound? I think sound very un-American, while they claim to be so very patriotic.

Now, I am not one to debate on Facebook and my days of being vocally political are very much over. So I just hide the posts. Debating politics with people makes me feel vastly uncomfortable. But all the same, it makes me sad realizing that these people, who I am friends with on a social level and say hello to when I see them, that these same people have these political ideals that are so diametrically opposed to mine. It sounds like I’m confusing conservatism and being racist and I am not. I am cognizant that most conservatives are not racist. Right? But I have to hide posts nearly every day and I’m weary.

Is this a tenable situation, living among people who just cannot accept a black person being president? I don’t know. For the most part I ignore it. I certainly cannot change their opinions. But these things, they make me sick.

Dec 13

Jim Henson and Ayn Rand

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2012 in Web

I think this excerpt pretty well sums up this conversation on ARPANET in 1976 between Jim Henson, Ayn Rand, Sidney Nolan and Yoko Ono. This excerpt is from page three.


I think Ms. Rand and my character Oscar the Grouch would have a lot to talk about actually. I am laughing out loud at this idea.


Why would I want to talk to him. What has he achieved or trying to achieve.


He has achieved what I think is the ultimate goal of your way of thinking.


Isolation. Contempt for others. A hard heart. Yet even he can muster a bit of empathy every now and then.


When Ms. Rands idea of individualism is amplified to the extreme things like Vietnam happen.


I am not isolated. I have no contempt for others. Millions of people read my books and find my thoughts inspirational. I hardly spend my time on the sidelines in a trash can grumping.


Not yet anyway.

via The ARPANET Dialogues » Blog Archive » Vol. IV.

Yes this conversation really happened. And Yoko Ono flounced. FLOUNCED.

Dec 11

Camera Lust

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 in Web

If you are looking for a holiday present for someone who has an eye for photography, this camera is present for someone who has money. My CanonEOS 40D was the best camera ever. I really loved the kind of pictures I could take with it and the fact that I could change the lens. I am not a good photographer, I don’t have the “eye” that some people naturally do. But I adore taking pictures. has this CANON EOS 5D MARK III SLR Camera Body + 24-105mm + 3 Lens Kit + 48GB +Case & More for $3800. Yes that’s fucking expensive. But yes these cameras are worth it. You don’t even need to be good at framing a shot to take a really attractive photo with these cameras.

My camera went away with my ex and I am sure is long gone. But I adored it. Looking back through the photos captured with that beautiful camera is hard because the memories associated with them are entwined with emotions surrounding the ex. But when I can detach myself and look at them I can see the artistry that the camera lent to my untrained photographer’s eye. A point and shoot camera just doesn’t compare at any level.


Nov 23

Inside Google’s Data Centers

Posted on Friday, November 23, 2012 in Web

Just leaving this here until I can enrich this a bit and make a longer post about it. But for now, the link is worth the click.


Where the Internet Lives: The First-Ever Glimpse Inside Google’s Data Centers via

Nov 22

Siri versus Google Voice Search

Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2012 in All Things Geek, Web

In one corner, Siri and iOS, in the other, Google Voice Search and Droid OS. Ready to battle it out to the death.  Well not really. But I had to set the stage.

This article details an interesting blow by blow comparison of Siri versus Google Voice search results. Sometimes it surprised me that Google won, sometimes it surprised me that Siri won. I think it’s a pretty even draw, in all honesty. This is part of why I think the whole Droid vs. iOS battle is pretty silly.

Siri versus Google Voice Search: Fight! | Ars Technica.

Nov 21

Modernist Cuisine

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 in Food, Web

I am watching Nova scienceNow and they are talking about this book right? A new approach to cooking, totally scientific. Wow I say, I want to check it out. So I go to Amazon and search it up and find it. Jaw drops. Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking: Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, Maxime Bilet is listed at $625. On sale currently for $446. Hey, you save $178 just in time for the holiday season.

Look, I am sure this book is insanely cool. But wow. Just wow.

Nov 20

Design Process: Celestarium

Posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 in Web

I really want to make this. An amazing shawl with a full star-chart of constellations in it, learn about the design process for the Celestarium shawl.

Nov 19

Faeriebell: Now 100% Easier to Stalk

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2012 in Life, Web

We can see that the blog is now at a subdomain. It’s because I’ve been a total copycat and aggregated my lifestream at like a certain someone in my life has done with his aggregate lifestream. But hey, you can stalk me easier now. Check it out.

Nov 13

Disappearing Romney

Posted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 in Web

I’ve seen a number of my friends posting about Romney’s Facebook page plummeting in popularity. Lovers of such Schadenfreude will rejoice that there is now a website where one can more easily partake.

Disappearing Romney: Watch Mitt Romneys Facebook Likes Decrease in Real Time.